Talia and Christian are originally from Kansas! So the thought of amountain session for them was absolutely amazing! The day of their session, is rained so bad that we had to reschedule. The day we rescheduled for, I already had an engagement session booked for Linville! So they moved their session from a mountain engagement, to a waterfall engagement!

We literally hiked through flooding trails, mud, etc. to get down to the basin of the fall. HUGE props to Talia for not getting her dress covered in mud! I was so bummed when we got down there and I realized how overflown it was! You see that rock “wall” to the right? Yeah, there’s normally a path to walk right there. So, we were literally stuck on this one rock for 75% of our session. Despite the flooding from all of the rain, Talia and Christian just kept raving about how gorgeous it was. Which… I guess you could say that! It’s still SO GORGEOUS down at the basin! I’m literally obsessed with this waterfall. Even if we didn’t have the normal range to move around! (Keep in mind, it was also like 32 degrees.)

Talia and Christian are having their wedding back in Kansas next year! Although I’m sad I won’t be capturing their big day, I’m equally as excited to see all of their photos! I wish you best the most amazing wedding day possible! You deserve it!!