A little bit of back story. I’ve been friends with Dj since my freshman year of high school. That’s 13 years. 13 years of friendship. He mentioned proposing to his girlfriend in Asheville and of course, I was ecstatic.

Dj picked out a super awesome modern ring box and had it shipped to my house. I sent him a list of locations, videos and photos, and he decided on Roan mountain! He gave Markee a bracelet for Valentine’s day that had the coordinates for Roan Mountain, although, he told her they were the coordinates for where they had their first date. He started off his proposal with his explanation of the bracelet coordinates and she already started crying. His response was my favorite. “You didn’t even let me say it!”

You’ll see a few photos were they’re just looking out at the mountains. They both had never seen mountain ranges like these and they were literally mesmerized. Maybe frozen as well. It was the coldest day that week with a 30 degree day and snow on the ground. Incase you’ve never been on top of a bald, the wind doesn’t stop. But it was perfect.

And to say his proposal was literally perfect, would be an understatement.