My goal is to be able to travel all over the U.S. and other countries to shoot elopements and intimate weddings. Traveling is my passion!

Okay, I can admit it… I’m not the coolest traveling photographer in the world. I don’t live in a gorgeous bus that’s been transformed into my home. I don’t travel around 365 days a year and bathe in hot springs.

I am a “normal” wedding photographer who lives in Chesnee, SC and has a few children. As much as I’d love traveling, my children always come first. But, with that being said, that doesn’t mean I NEVER get to travel!

Every year, I plan on taking 2-3 trips across the U.S. and 1 overseas- to shoot elopements and small, intimate weddings! I’d love to throw in an adventurous engagement session every once in a while as well! There’s something absolutely amazing about jumping on a plane and landing in a new city. Packing up your back pack and camera gear and exploring through their national parks. Meeting new amazing couples who want to have a super awesome, adventurous elopement. That’s my favorite!

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