It’s not very often that I have a Black Mountain wedding. Or a couple that’s as kick ass and artistic as Stephanie + Chris! Stephanie is a metalsmith/jewelry designer in Asheville! I seriously tend to obsess over her gorgeous rings. Chris is a woodworker and creates custom tables, cabinets, etc. for clients. He made the bridal table for their reception!

During Stephanie + Chris’s wedding ceremony, they hand made their rings! This quote comes directly from Chris and was spoken during their ceremony.

“The process will involve melting silver down with an acetylene torch and pouring it from a small crucible into wooden molds carved from Juniper. The rough castings will be cooled, removed from the form, and hammered to size. In many diverse cultures, Juniper has historically symbolized protection, purity, cleansing, and youthful spiritual energy. This particular wood was harvested from Stephanie’s residence when the couple met.

This process is experimental. Like any craftwork, like a marriage, like any human relationship, it will be imperfect. It may take a sustained attempt. But with some skill, a bit of patience, and a little luck, they will forge their own hand-hewn symbols of their love and life together.”

Also, take a super long moment and OBSESS over these bouquets and boutonnieres by the amazing Lavender Fox Florals. Hands down, some of the most gorgeous boutonnieres and bouquets I’ve ever seen. (Wedding table florals were designed by friends and family. And flowers were purchased from Trader Joes. Dahlias were grown from a friend of the families farm!

I need to share all of the amazing creatives that helped make Stephanie’s wedding such an amazing day.

Wedding dress: Wildflower Bridal 

Hair + makeup: Emily Dawn

Bouquet + boutonnière Designer/Florist: Lavender Fox Florals

Table florals: Friends + Family of Stephanie + Chris

Venue: Friend of the family in Black Mountain

Rings: Stephanie Ellis Jewelry