Are you getting sick of seeing this container home pop up on my blog yet? Good. If you did, I wouldn’t care (: How freaking awesome is it? I still can’t get over how amazing this container was and I am actively planning on how to build one to support my 3 children and I and our dog. (I think maybe 3 containers side by side might do it!)

I put out a model call for a couple to shoot at the container and my 2nd shooter, Aly, has friends that live there! She sent them my way and them boom- you get Meghan and Will. The coolest thing? I asked them to bring coffee mugs and their favorite books. They brought “Fantastic Beasts” which if you know me… huge HP nerd which leads into a big Fantastic Beasts fan, and hand made pottery mugs! So perfect!!


Make sure to go check out the Instagram page for this awesome container, and book your stay on AirBNB!