Meet Tessa

Hey, I'm Tessa

First thing you should know about me… I am a mother.

I have 3 beautiful children! My daughter is 7, and my twin boys are 4! If you could define the word “chaos” you have my life nailed. My children are a WONDERFUL sense of chaos. Of tickle fights, tug of war, dodgeball… but then you have the cuddle time and smooches. Like I said, a wonderful chaos.

Second thing you should know about me… I love adventure. I know. What a cliche thing to say. But really… I love adventures. I love packing my camera bag, my tent, my sleeping bag, my donuts- and heading somewhere absolutely gorgeous. It could be somewhere right here in Asheville, or boarding a plane and heading to the PNW. As long as it’s gorgeous, it’s on my list! My favorite place that i’ve been in the world as of right now: Iceland ((Elope there and be my best friend))

Things I love: Books, bread + butter pickles, camping, coffee, donuts (no but really… donuts.) Harry Potter (books, movies, etc. No seriously… I have Hogwarts tattoos on me) hiking, kayaking, pineapple, PLANTS, pottery (I collect beautiful hand made mugs) mountains, tattoos, Vikings, waterfalls.

Things I don’t love: Glitter. (It gets everywhere and you can’t get it off!) Scary movies, diet pop (yes, I’m from Michigan. It’s pop. not soda) snakes, spiders, crocodiles, alligators, sharks– you know… pretty much anything that can eat me.

Let's get some coffee!