Hey, I'm Tessa

I'm a single mother to 3 super chaotic and wonderful children. My daughter, Emma, is 8 and my twin boys, Oliver + Russell are 5. We love to hike and camp at the top of Max Patch together.

One of my favorite things to do when I don't have my children, is to travel. I know, "every one" loves traveling. But really. I pack up my Osprey pack, and pick a location in the mountains... hike up the mountain, set up camp and read while the sun sets. I like to wake up with the sunrise and drink a good Jetboil coffee.

If you would've asked me what my life goal was last year... I would've said to build a wedding venue and "host" weddings full time. A lot can change in 365 days. My new life goal is to buy a van, build it out, and shoot destination weddings all over the U.S. Having 3 kids makes that a little difficult. But soon enough, they'll be old enough that they'd probably rather stay with their grandparents than travel with Mommy anyways. (Hug them while they're little because they get too "big" for hugs fast!)

I get this question a lot... "What's your favorite thing to photograph and why?" That's easy. Elopements. Being an adventurous person myself, I love finding couples that want to hike a mountain and say their vows in the most gorgeous locations. That could be right here in NC, or boarding a plane and exploring Europe, PNW, etc. I'm up for it! The intimate and adventurous days truly speak to me. One day, you'll catch me eloping in the Faroe Islands or the Linville Gorge (:

My Adventures