Hey, I'm Tessa

HI, I'm Tessa. I'm a single mother to 3 super chaotic and wonderful children. My daughter, Emma, is 8 and my twin boys, Oliver + Russell are 4. We live in a super small house in Chesnee, SC. (yes, I commute to the mountains because I am obsessed with them.) We love spending time at the lake, playing dodgeball and cuddling up to watch a good Disney movie.

When I don't have my children, I love adventuring. I know, "everyone" loves adventuring. But really. I pack up my Osprey pack, and pick a location in the mountains... hike up the mountain, set up camp and read while the sunsets. I like to wake up with the sunrise and drink a good Jetboil coffee.

I love to travel, but having 3 children definitely keeps me at a low traveling rate. I try to take 2-3 trips a year. Last year, I ventured to Iceland + Colorado. This year I've already been to Oregon and i'm making my way to Shenandoah National Park.

I get this question a lot... "Tessa, what's your favorite thing to photograph and why?" That's easy. Elopements. Being an adventurous person myself, I love finding couples that want to hike a mountain or explore and say their vows in the most gorgeous locations. That could be right here in NC, or boarding a plane and exploring Europe, PNW, etc. I'm up for it! The intimate and adventurous days truly speak to me. One day, you'll catch me eloping in the Faroe Islands (:

Brittany + Drew's kind words

“The months leading up to our big day, Tessa was always lending a helping hand and providing all the advice and tips. She was more than the wedding photographer, she basically was my wedding planner. Thanks to her help, I found my makeup and hair artists, my floral company, and the most romantic and dreamy elopement location. I had no idea what I was doing or how to plan a wedding, so her help truly saved the day. I remember texting her saying, I just want the most perfect winter wonderland as our location, and without pause she suggested Roan Mountain. We had never heard of it but we trusted her art and talent, and just like that we had our spot picked. Fast forward to the elopement – my makeup artist coordinated with my floral company to pick up my flowers for me on the way to come to where we were staying on the mountain, truly thankful for that and thankful that Tessa recommended such fun and accommodating companies! As we arrive at the location, we realize the snow and wind are blowing sideways, and my heart drops. I thought, great I am going to get married in a snowstorm and no one will even see our faces. The moment Tessa saw my face, it was like she could read my mind, and quickly let us know that there was just a bit of a walk until we were at the location, that she had always scoped out the area and found the best spot. WOW! She wasn’t kidding. We walked through the trees and my heart exploded. The scenery was so absolutely stunning that even seeing this place made our special day perfect. The vibrant green moss on the trees and rocks, the snow on the ground and tree limbs, the small creek running through it all; it was breathtaking. My husband and I are very casual and spontaneous – hints the elopement. We looked at Tessa and said, hey, how do you feel about us drinking scotch and getting naked on the top of that little creek? She laughed and said uhhh yessss, that would be awesome. You will have to see the pictures because it was seriously just the greatest thing. With that setting the tone of the day, we continued to laugh and enjoy this beautiful little wonderland that Tessa found. Whenever I was cold or uncomfortable or just being awkward, Tessa always knew what to say or do to fix it. I could go on and on about how in those few hours I had the best time of my life, but I’ll just end with this: Tessa is passionate, caring, talented, and fun to be around. I received pictures that same night, just to have a sneak preview, and they were perfect. When the final images came and the video, I just stood there with my jaw dropped. Folk + Wayfarer will always be the company I recommend, whether for family portraits, engagements, wedding, parties, you name it. Tessa is the best to work with and delivers exceptional work – 15 out of 10!”

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