When Sydney reached out to me, she had 3 requirements. Adventurous, dark + candid. I’m pretty sure we nailed those. Sydney + Dave chose my FAVORITE location for elopements. It’s a little bit of a rougher drive and hike, but it’s well worth it! Their day was so relaxing that they woke up in the morning, went for a hike, ate tacos and then hiked up for their elopement. Their guest list consisted of themselves, their friend who got ordained, and then myself and my mother (witness 2.) It was literally the most perfect elopement. Dave helped Sydney zip up her dress, they picked a spot in the woods to read each other’s vows, we took a few photos and then we all found a cozy spot to sit and enjoy the sunset while drinking some champagne.

Sydney + Dave, thank you so much for letting me be such a big part of your day. I wish you both a life time full of hiking + tacos + laughter.

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