Let me be honest, I am not the right photographer for every wedding.
Chances are- if you’re getting married in a Catholic church or Greek Orthodox, my style and your expectations won’t be the same. If you are looking for traditional “stand here, place your hand here, look at me and smile with your fakest smile possible” engagement photos, chances are- we won’t work well together. Here’s the thing: I hate Pinteresty/ cheddar cheesy posing. And men never like photoshoots with those kinds of photos. (Myprofessional experience) I prefer the emotion, the laughing so hard you can’t breathe type photos.

If you’re planning an intimate, hassle free, relaxed, personal, nature related elopement or wedding… chances are we’re going to jive super well together. If you’re going off the grid and scaling the side of a mountain and not worried about if your hair is going to get wet or if you’re going to get some mud on the bottom of your dress, chances are, we’re going to jive super well together.

My couples on average spend about $3400

Weddings start at $2,300
Elopements start at $1300