I’ve had this dream for a few months now, to photograph a couple in my home. I watch a LOT of Fixer Upper and have a serious Joanna Gaines shiplap obsession. My house is ALL shiplap that was hidden beneath cracking and gross drywall. Tie that in with my plant addiction, and its like walking into an Airbnb. (When it’s clean. AKA. When my children aren’t home!)

Ja’myya and Jalil are friends of my sister’s and she so graciously shared them with me! What an awesome couple to photograph. Their love and laughter for each other was GENUINE. I didn’t even have to use my corny poop jokes. If you know me… I use a lot of poop jokes (:

We bonded over some photography talk, and a lot of “Of Monsters + Men” on Vinyl. They have a serious way to my heart. Huge thank you to Ja’myya + Jalil for modeling for me. I had the best time!!