Hi, We're Tessa + Chris

First thing you should know about us… We are parents. We go back and forth between the Asheville area and Wilmington area to spend time with our families.

Second thing you should know about us… We are really OBSESSED with adventuring and traveling. I know. What a cliche thing to say… But really. We love packing our cameras, tent, sleeping bags and heading somewhere absolutely gorgeous. It could be right here in Asheville, or boarding a plane and heading to the PNW. Tessa’s favorite place: Mt. Hood/ Trillium Lake Chris’s favorite place: Yosemite. (Elope to either of these and be our best friends!)

Things we love: REI, coffee, donuts, Harry Potter books (Chris could care less) Netflix and chilling, traveling to new places, laughing with each other and playing dodgeball with our children. Chris is absolutely obsessed with bears. I can’t tell you how many books he’s read about bears. And the look on his face when we see a bear on the parkway… it’s just precious. Tessa is obsessed with wolves and the way they stick together as a pack to protect their young and their old. Although she’s never seen any in person– it’s on her list to sit in her car and take photos of them.








Our Adventures

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Working with us

We are lovers of couples that are so deeply in love, that they can’t stop kissing each other, or laughing with each other, or serenading each other.

Our ideal shoot is to meet up about an hour before sunrise and hike up to a gorgeous mountain range.

Spend the first section of the shoot just hanging out and getting to know one another. (We are always taking photos. Always) And then the magic begins. The holding hands and running through the grass. The picking each other up and spinning each other.

The point is, we want the real emotions and the real moments. We want the laughing until you can’t breathe, until you start to cry. We want the fearlessly in love couples who are just fine to stand on the side of that mountain and wrap into each other’s arms like pretzels. We want the rad couples that are just as stoked to work with us, as we are to work with them. We love the adventurers.

(We absolutely love photographing weddings together and are currently shooting about 85% as team. Sadly, sometimes it’s not possible. When that happens, Tessa has a second shooter that she’s worked with for over a year who steps in and second shoots those weddings. Don’t worry: You’re still getting two professionals!)