Working with Tessa

I am a lover of couples that are so deeply in love, that they can’t stop kissing each other, or laughing with each other, or serenading each other.

My ideal shoot:

Meet up about two hours before sunrise. Hike up to a gorgeous mountain range. Set up a picnic blanket and food. I am a LOVER of cheese and grapes and picnic foods in general. You get brownie points if you love NutterButters! (:

Spend the first section of the shoot just hanging out and getting to know one another. (I’m always taking photos. Always) And then the magic begins. The holding hands and running through the grass. The picking each other up and spinning each other.

The point is, I want the real emotions and the real moments. I want the laughing until you can’t breathe, until you start to cry. I want the fearlessly in love couples who are just fine to stand on the side of that mountain and wrap into each other’s arms like pretzels. I want the rad couples that are just as stoked to work me, as I am to work with them.

A little About me

First thing you should know about me… I am a mother.
I have 3 beautiful children! My daughter is 6, and my twin boys are 2! If you could define the word “chaos,” you have my life nailed. My children are a WONDERFUL sense of chaos.

Second thing you should know about me… I love adventure.
I know. What a cliche thing to say… right? But really… I love adventures. I love packing my camera bag, my tent, my sleeping bag, my donuts, and my boyfriend (A lot of you meet him since he tends to shoot sessions and weddings with me when he doesn't have his own booked) - and heading somewhere absolutely gorgeous. It could be somewhere right here in Asheville, or boarding a plane and heading to the PNW. My favorite place that i’ve been in the world as of right now: Mt. Hood/Trillium Lake. ((Elope there and be my best friend))

Things I love:
Books, bread + butter pickles, coffee, donuts (no but really… donuts.) Harry Potter (books, movies, etc.,) hiking, kayaking, pineapple, mountains, tattoos, Vikings.

Let's grab some Coffee + Donuts
My personal Adventures!