This isn’t the early 1900’s any longer. Elopements are so much more than the “running away because your parents don’t agree with your partner selection.” (If that’s your situation, no judgement. Shit happens!) Your parents had their day. Grandma had her day… ya know, 50+ years ago… NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!

Elopements are growing in popularity, especially in the millennial age group. Couples want to spend less and have a location that blows you out of the water. Maybe even a location that can be used as a honeymoon! (TAKE ME WITH YOU!)

Have I talked you into it yet? Maybe? Okay… Here’s a ton more information for you! And if you have more questions… don’t hesitate to ask! Elopements are my passion and i’m here to answer any questions you might have.


• How far are you willing to travel? Will you help us pick a location?

I LOVE to travel! So as long as I don't already have a bunch of destination elopements booked... I will go anywhere!

UH... yes! yes! yes! I love adventuring and I'd love to help you chose a gorgeous location based on your desires. I have a whole wedding day questionnaire I can send your way that will help you choose the perfection location.

• Do you have a team of vendors?

YES! I have worked with a ton of wedding vendors in the Asheville area and definitely have a few I'd love to recommend you to! Just a few to start:

Hair + Makeup: Anarie Brides

Florist: Santara Flowers

Wedding planner: Plain With Sprinkles

• When will we see our photos?

ASAP. Trust me... I am that person who harasses my photographer too. I know you want to see your photos right away, so I'll send you a sneak peek within 24-48 hours!

• Can we bring our friends/family?

Of course you can! I consider an elopement to be 15 guests or less. Just remember that your location will probably be based off of the number of people you have, and their age. For example, some grandparents cannot climb boulders and some children shouldn't be on top a steep mountain.

• Will you help us plan?

I would LOVE to help you plan! Things to think about: location, how much hiking do you want to do? Do you have elderly family members who are attending and can't hike? Do you want just a gorgeous location + ceremony or do you want a full day experience?

• We're ready to book you! What's next?

That is awesome! I'm so happy you've decided to have me photograph your big day! Send me an email and I will get a proposal sent over to you. Your online client portal allows you to sign your contract and pay your retainer.

For all International elopements, I require a 75% retainer to cover my cost of flights, etc. so that I'm not waiting to book those last minute and losing out on an awesome flight package!