I met Craig on Facebook last year. He’s a videographer in Greenville, SC and we talked about bartering videos for photos! You know, to help each other’s businesses grow. ( #communityovercompetition) Turns out, I photographed one of their good friends weddings!  (Who turned into my good friends.) And at that wedding, I met Julia! She was full of laughter, and they danced the entire night away. My heart just sank. I think I pay so much attention to couples at weddings, it’s ridiculous. But some couples are just too freaking cute. Like Craig + Julia haha!

I’ve been casually asking Craig when he was going to propose. I knew it was coming and that he was planning, I just didn’t know the exact date, or how soon it would be.  FINALLY, I got a call. He wanted to propose in Nashville and surprise Julia. Nashville is about 5.5 hours away from me… turned into a 7 hour drive with my 3 kids. But seriously, who cares! I rented a car, threw the kids in the car, and we made the drive out to see two awesome people get ENGAGED!

I am SO unbelievably excited to shoot their engagement and wedding photos. I feel like this is just the beginning of an amazing friendship. And the VERY beginning of their lives together. CONGRATS GUYS!! Thank you so much for letting us be there to crash your big moment!! I was SO happy that you wanted me to be there for every single step!

(You will totally notice my kids in the background of a few photos. Sorry about that! HAHA!)