This weekend was a super long weekend for me! I set my alarm for 4am on Friday for a flight out to Columbus, OH. I had Kait and Taylor’s wedding, and even better… it was on my birthday! I had a blast shooting their big day! Saturday, my alarm was set for 3am to catch a flight back to SC to travel up to NC for another wedding! That wedding was also amazing!

Sunday– I wanted a day to rest. Where’s the perfect place to relax and catch up on some me time? Asheville Glamping! We stayed in the Asheville Glamping Dome. And let me tell you how absolutely AMAZING it was… SO AMAZING!! I actually walked in the door and teared up. I wouldn’t say it was a full blown crying situation, but my eyes definitely leaked some tears lol.

Take a look at our awesome view. And some photos of my beautiful friends who came out to spend a few hours by the fire and explore the grounds! You can’t have a bunch of photographers meet up without doing a few photo shoots! (: Welcome to the life of photographers!

 (Don’t mind the cell phone shots of us at the very end!)

And don’t forget to go check out the Asheville Glamping pages! Links below!