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Kind words

Megan + Adam

If you are thinking of getting married or eloping, you MUST have Tessa as your photographer (and Chris as your videographer)!! My husband and I eloped with our immediate family. From the moment I contacted Tessa, she quickly responded, provided suggestions and supported our elopement plan 150%. Our weather closed the Blue Ridge Parkway on the way to our elopement- Tess and Chris quickly suggested an alternate location and SAVED the day. My family, husband and myself can not say enough wonderful things about Tessa, but her photos- SHE NAILED IT! We have had so many compliments on our wedding photos from friends to strangers to coworkers. Forever grateful for all the memories she captured and can not wait until our anniversary session with her!

Brenna + Daniel

There is no better feeling on your wedding day than complete comfort and worry-lessness, so knowing that the best moments of your best day will be captured perfectly by two incredibly talented photographers is a peace that every bride should get to feel. Hiring Folk + Wayfarer was the easiest and most rewarding decision we made during our wedding planning process and there aren't enough words in the world to describe how grateful we are to be able to look back on our favorite moments, and even the moments we missed, for the rest of our lives captured just the way we remember them. It's so rare for a picture to convey a memory perfectly - vividly and full of emotion - but every image Tessa and Chris deliver are like blinking and opening your eyes back on your wedding day - feeling everything you felt on that day, and then some. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Tessa & Chris. You guys are amazing!!

Katelyn + Corey

The ONLY requirement for my wedding was that Tessa HAD to be our photographer!! She's that amazing + talented ♡ She is kind, funny + makes everyone feel comfortable, quick to answer questions, willing to help with anything and honest, which I appreciate! She was the perfect fit for my husband and I.
We eloped to Max Patch, NC and even with a few major set backs, including no dress + rain, it was still the best day. Tessa had a great positive attitude and kept me from having a meltdown, while also saving the day by bringing the perfect dress for me to wear!!!!!
Our wedding day wouldn't of been so magical, if it wasn't for Tessa + Chris (who shot our wedding video + was equally as amazing)!! Forever grateful for the memories you have captured in the most beautiful photos

Maribel + Ben

Like Most weddings, were on a time crunch, so much to do- so little time. We were still finishing details right until the last second. Tessa had just pulled in the driveway and immediately became involved in helping tie up loose ends. She is a young woman but has the clear and focused mind of a veteran. She is incredibly efficient and knows the shots she wants and how to get them. We feel incredibly lucky to have had Tessa record our wonderful day.

Brianna + Anthony

If you're looking for a great wedding photographer then look no further than Tessa and
Chris! They were amazing from start to finish! Professional, efficient, friendly and most
importantly- took the most beautiful photographs of our special day! They have TONS of
unique ideas for photographs and when I told them we wanted a shot that incorporated
PIZZA and our PIZZA tattoos, they made it work! It is one of our many favorite photos!
Tessa and Chris are truly talented and captured everything and we will treasure these photos forever! Thank you so much!

Thomas + Naomi

Our wedding wouldn't have been the same without Tessa! She did an phenomenal job and was able to get the most stubborn of groomsmen to produce a real smile. She made the experience fun and enjoyable. She was great to work with, very flexible and took the time to find out what we wanted in our wedding photos. We got our photos back in a timely manner and they were gorgeous. If your looking for a professional, creative, adventurous photographer whose always willing to go the extra mile. Then Tessa's your photographer, and your going to be glad you picked her!

Nicole + David

I don't know how to put this... Tessa ROCKS! � I could go on and on about how remarkable her work is. She truly puts her heart into everything she does with her business, and it shows! Coming up my husband and I have like our fifth or sixth shoot with her? I've lost count. I am beyond excited! The walls of my home are lined with so many happy memories that she forever saved for us. It's amazing to know that I can trust her to perfectly capture all the most important milestones in our lives. She is so easy going, and always up for a good laugh. (Which is so important when you are getting your picture taken as we all know.) I would recommend Tessa to anyone who is looking for someone willing to give 110% and then some.

Stephanie + Chris

Tessa is such an amazingly talented photographer!!! I had the pleasure of having her as the photographer for my recent wedding in Black Mountain. All I can say is WOW!!! She completely nailed it!!! Every photo was expertly composed and captured. She has the unique ability to turn seemingly mundane moments into works of art! I couldn't be happier!!! I've had so many compliments on how good my wedding photos turned out, and it's all because of her! Thanks again Tessa!!! You. Are. AWESOME!!!

Jasmin + Willie

We are so thankful we had the amazing Tessa and Chris as our wedding photographers! Tessa was always in contact with me and was so quick to respond to my emails. Also, I had mentioned at one point during the booking process that I didn't like my left side in photos and she brought it up during the wedding and I was so shocked that she remembered that. It meant so much to me that she cared enough to respect the angles I preferred. They are both so down to earth and easy to get along with. We absolutely love our photos and we got so many compliments from our family and friends. Thank you guys so much!!

Kelsey + Tyler

Before my husband and I even got engaged I knew I wanted Tessa to shoot our wedding. Everything about her photos drew me to make the decision to hire her. I loved the dark, contrast in the photos and knew it would be perfect with the theme of our wedding. When we spoke on the phone she was so helpful and kind and told me up front she doesn’t over edit (which I loved). She is super quick with responding to questions you may have and got us our sneak peak the day after the wedding (can’t stop looking at the pics, so beautiful). The day of the wedding she made sure to shoot every little detail she could and made sure we didn’t leave anyone or anything out. Hiring Folk + Wayfarer was such a smart decision and I can only hope you make the same one! Tessa, thank you so much, you are the best!

Zachary + Becca

Folk + Wayfarer took such great care of us throughout our special day. When we selected Becca's brother's farm for our wedding venue, we knew that the right photographer would have a field day with all the rustic surroundings. Tessa had an eye for all the little details, made great suggestions for our portraits and captured the family feel of our intimate gathering. Above all, they were easygoing and flexible with all our needs, working with us when inclement weather forced us to shift to a 11th-hour Plan B on our engagement session. Those photos -- an offbeat exploration of the expansive graffiti area in Asheville's River Arts District -- remain a cherished keepsake. We couldn't have asked for more from Folk & Wayfarer. Top-notch recommendation.